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Artist's Statement
Kim Hart is a professional artist who currently lives and works in Venice, Italy. She graduated in South Africa in 1994 where she received an award for outstanding achievement in painting. She subsequently lived in London for 10 years where she established her artistic credentials culminating with an appearance on the BBC in her capacity as a portraitist.

Hart continues to undertake private portrait commissions for various international clients.

The Venetian works are a departure for the artist, being born of a distinctly innovative approach to image making. Employing a technique she developed herself over a number of years, she uses internationally sourced fabrics, painting and the photographic image to render these uniquely worked surfaces redolent with atmosphere.

Working with the themes of collective memory and shared experience she actively engages in the use of found images so that the pieces do not exist from an exclusively singular viewpoint, but from a pluralist perspective.

During the 53rd Venice Biennale, Hart collaborated with the Rubelli group where she was invited to use RubelliÍs fabrics to realise 12 pieces of work, which were subsequently sold to, amongst others, philanthropists Peter and Paula Lunder and Mr. and Mrs Lee Perry.

The use of such prestigious fabrics also allows for distinctive interior design solutions.

Kim makes pieces to commission, having already undertaken a number of private commissions both for stately homes in England as well as for the interiors of some of VeniceÍs more prestigious Palazzo's.

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Kim Hart's solo show during the 53rd Venice Biennale, at Palazzo Corner Spinelli, Rubelli's home in Venice